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Vidyasagar University Road, Rangamati, Medinipur, West Bengal 721102

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Vidyasagar University

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Vidyasagar University, named after one of the most illustrious sons of Bengal as well as one of the doyens of Indian Renaissance, Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, has grown out of a long cultural and educational movement in West Bengal in general and in the undivided district of Midnapore in particular. The idea of founding a University in the district was mooted by the various organizations, notably by the Regional Education Association, Midnapore, headed by Professor A.K.Gayen of IIT, Kharagpur. The Ghani Committee appointed by the U.G.C. also suggested, among others, for the setting up of a University in Midnapore on the ground of its ‘having a compact area and a manageable number of colleges’ (at that time there were 36 colleges with an enrolment of about 42,000), and also of its ‘having the great advantage of co-operation of the IIT, Kharagpur. The Committee was also of the opinion that the new University would develop on the lines suited to the needs of this backward area.

To give honour and respect to these pious intentions and proposals, the Government of West Bengal decided in 1978 to establish Vidyasagar University. The U.G.C. approved the proposal and on the advice of, and in consultation with the U.G.C., the State Government appointed a Planning Committee in March 1979 to lay down the lines of development and to take initial steps to found the University. The Committee submitted its report in October. Then the Vidyasagar University Act, 1981 (West Bengal Act XVIII of 1981) was passed; some of its sections were brought into operation on 24th June 1981. Finally, Professor Bhupesh Chandra Mukherjee joined as the first Vice Chancellor of the University on 29th September 1981.

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Welcome you all to visit this site of Vidyasagar University, a young but promising and flourishing University which was created as a state university in 1981 and whose Post-Graduate department started functioning from the session 1986-87.Originally started with 6 Post-Graduate department the university now conduct studies in 26 Post-Graduate department, many of which are situated in the frontier areas of science and social science subjects. The university is proud of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members motivated students and research scholars and adequate equipped supporting and administrative staff in order to absorb the forces of modernization and globalization in the field of higher education.

Named after the famous 19th century pioneering social reformers, social activist, literature and dedicated to the cause of the upliftment of women, Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar. Since its inception Vidyasagar University has committed itself to the goal of teaching and learning in the higher education, ensuring quality education and providing research and extra activities in the best possible manner in order to spread the benefit of higher education in a location which is relatively backward but which has a glorious history. It playing a pioneering role in the freedom struggle of India. Within the last 25 years of its existence the university has registered its growth both qualitatively and quantitatively. Post-Graduate studies are conducted not only to university department but in about 10 of the affiliated colleges also. The number of affiliated colleges is around 50 and the subjects offered in the undergraduate colleges covered both the traditional subjects and modern emerging subjects as well. There are few professional colleges providing management and social work education are also within the fold of the university.

Situated outside the historic city of Midnapore, the University proud of its beautiful sprawling and ecofriendly campus which houses administrative department , the Post-Graduate centre for teaching learning and research, the centre for distance education, the expanding hostel building for both male and female students, the residential accommodation for both teaching and administrative staff, the play ground, the student amenity centre, the extension centers. The much of these extension and developmental activities have taken place within the last decades of its existence. In order to meet the increasing demands of higher education in the locality.

The library of the university is fully computerized and the library is moving fast in order to digitize its resources. Once this is done the inter university library network will develop and we provide the opportunity to access the vast documentary resources to the students and research scholars of the university. The information and the computerization network which has been created across the campus and also across the Post-Graduate department and administrative department provide the benefit of connection to all its users. For using the library resources and for the network resources the faculty members and students can operate from their department and obtain the benefit of the vast resources existing in the field of higher education.

The comparative younger age of university is not hindrance but provides an opportunity to take initiatives and develop entrepreneurial schemes to its teachers and faculty members in order to quickly internationalize the benefit of changes in the field of higher education which are offering at rapid pace now. The congenial atmosphere which prevails in the university the report which exist the faculty , student , non teaching staff of university and its beautiful natural ambience makes the university an ideal centre for teaching and research.

Once again I welcome you all to visit the site of the university and invite you to be a partner of the university in your journey for life.

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