Don Bosco School - Park Circus

Don Bosco School - Park Circus

The Don Bosco School Park Circus 23 - Darga Road Kolkata - 700 017

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Don Bosco School - Park Circus

Contact Person Siby Joseph Vadakel, Sdb

Phone Number 033 - 6450 2444



John Bosco the father and friend of youth was born on August 16, 1815, in a peasant family in the little hamlet of Becchi, some 20 kilometers from Turin, Italy. When John was only two years old his father, Francis Bosco passed away. His grief stricken mother, Margaret Occiena Bosco, had a harrowing time to bring him up. To complete his education John had to do his share of work on the family farm and study during his spare time. Working as a servant, teaching, assisting a tailor, doing chores for a black smith and keeping score at a billiard table were some of the things he did in order to pay for his food, lodging and tuition while ate school. In due course John entered the seminary and was ordained a priest on June 5, 1841. From then on he was known as Don Bosco (Father Bosco). Don Bosco called his method of education the ?Preventive System?, based on REASON, RELIGION and KINDNESS. He told his disciples that education was to be based on love, on selfless service for the mental, emotional, moral and spiritual growth of the pupils.Don Bosco also founded a Congregation of religious nuns known as the ?Daughters of May Help of Christians? to educate girls with the same method as the Salesian used to educate the boys.Emblem of Don Bosco School.

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Don Bosco the ?Father and Friend? of youth loved his students. ?That you are young is enough to make me love you very much?. He spent his life working for his students. He often used to say ?For you I study, for you I work, for you I love, for you I am ready even to give my life?. He died at the age of 73 working for the young. We were privileged to have his holy relic among us on July 17 and 18, 2011. It was a special moment of grace for all of us, the children of Don Bosco. As he came among us, I am sure he had this to say: ?I gave my life in tireless work for you and founded many institutions across the world so that you can study and be secure. Now I want you to do the same. Be my ambassadors of love and kindness, particularly to the less fortunate brothers and sisters of this world?. It is only right and true that we all come together to heeding the call of Don Bosco and reach out our hands along with the hand of Don Bosco to the millions of young who are poor, deprived and marginalized. Let us reach out, lift them up, and help them to place themselves securely in the society. We began the construction of the extension of the school building which will house a new library, laboratories and a few classrooms on May 28, 2011. We hope to complete the work by May 2012. All Past Pupils and well wishers of Don Bosco School Park Circus are welcome to make their contributions to the speedy completion of this effort to make the schooling of our children memorable and effective.

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Admission to Class 1: Approximately 225 candidates will be selected for admission to Class I. Application Forms can be downloaded from the school web site The Application Forms will be available during September. Exact dates of availability will be notified through a notice on the school website. Receiving the Application Form or going through the admission procedure does not guarantee admission. Admissions to classes 2 to 8 are subject to vacancies due to withdrawal from school, as such the seats are very limited.Admission to Class 11 (external candidates) is open to a limited number of students only. Parents who desire to get their child admitted must fill in the Application Form downloaded from the school web site

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