David Hare Training College

David Hare Training College

25/3, Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019

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David Hare Training College

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Phone Number 033 2486 4848



David Hare Training College was founded in Calcutta on 1 st July , 1908, primarily for training of English teachers of Government High School in then Bengal. Gradually its scope increased and it began to train Inspection Officers of other categories.

It is this college which bears the hallowed name of a saintly man, a philanthropic from Scotland, who loved this country as his own and dedicated all he had for the education of its people.

A century-old teacher education college which is most fondly and bostly cherished as a great institution with an expansive and glorious background behind it. It is regarded as a pioneer Teacher Education College by the people not only West Bengal but also of the country as a whole and even by many across the boundaries of India.

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