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Chittaranjan College

Contact Person Dr. Shyamalendu Chatterjee

Phone Number (033) 22414570



Earnestly intended to shape and create real human being out of each individual, from every new generation, Chittranjan College is that very institute which celebrates not only the noble act of education but much more. Established in 1967, the institute emphasizes and attempts to install within the students, the indispensible need of values, ethics, etiquette, responsibility and personal and social awareness which are the key ingredients for the making of a better individual and consequently a better society. Thus the college has been dutifully and diligently for 44 years. Thus we, the members of faculty are honored to be a part of such an enriching establishment which provides the appropriate milieu for self development where every lesson learnt makes life a continuous learning process. I hereby express my warm welcome to all those students who wishes to be a part of this very enlightening and enlivening process.


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Education, as Swami Vivekananda has defined,is the manifestation of the conscious of one’s inner sprit. It is a rigorous jounery across all odds intending to shape a human being’s faculties towards the better. Chittranjan College,since its foundation in 1967, has taken up thet ideal and attempted to install in young minds the necessary yet decaying virtues of ethics,etiquettee,responsibity and awareness along with providing quality teaching. Armed with a set of dedicated teachers, our college has tried its best to introduce its students into the enigmatic arena of higher education, empowering them with the depth of knowledge and quest for truth along with offering a hospitable ambience for extra-curricular activities. As the Principal of this college, I extend my greetings to all those who wish to be a part of our glorious tradition with the pledge to enrich them with a delightful learning experience.


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