State of Indian Education

While the IITs and leading Indian universities remain to be a dream for thousands of Indian students, at the same time there are lists of top global universities lacking the name of any such Indian institutes! Although the government and the local news boasts about the glory of the Indian academic system, but the overall global rankings speak of a different story. The Indian higher education system has been greatly looked upon by the world all-over but the global rankings of the world’s best universities do not feature the names of even the top Indian Institutes such as the IITs.

What could be the possible reason for such a matter of fact? Or is it so that the Indian institutes don’t make much effort to provide enough data about their growth and research in order to make a mark in the list of top institutes. Indian universities focus solely and mainly on the impartation of education as in teaching, rather than emphasising upon the research and practical application of the techniques.

Except for a certain institutes, Indian education system believes in circulating information rather than creating a real sense of knowledge creation. Our universities do not hold a proper record of their processes, systems, evaluations and outputs. The fact is, when the information is not readily available at hand, there couldn’t be any possible evaluation be made of the ranking of our institutes in a global arena!

According to the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) released by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, only IISC Bangalore was among the top 500 universities featured in the list. No other premier Indian university made it to the list of top 500. World rankings greatly emphasis upon the research and the outputs. Indian institutes lack gravely in terms of research programmes and practical application of the subjects that are taught here. We need to grow immensely in the terms of the application of the information that we gain at the universities.

We gravely lack multidisciplinary universities that offer research and development on a global level. There is a slender range of disciplines that are available for studies in most of the universities across India. Even the best institutions like the IITs have grown solely in limited fields only. We lack the sense of diversity in our studies and are not connected well to the world-wide research programs on the basic level.

Another reason for this dismal show in the global picture might also be due to the prospect of unawareness. Most of the institutes in India remain unwilling or unconcerned about the global lists of institutions. They simply do not care about what the world thinks about them. The global list of top 100s and 500s are just mere numbers for many such institutes which include some of the best institutes from the country. Our institutes do not have the people to validate their numbers and figures when asked for the same by the concerned global authorities.

Whatever might be the reason for us remaining out of the list of the top universities of the world, Indian universities really need to gear up to stand next to the world class institutes which continue to dominate the top ten positions in the global list of best universities every year. Our education policies, as well as the government, should try to make Indian universities capable of coming at par with their foreign counterparts. Our courses and students both should strive to become more flexible and diverse; then we might hope for the time to come when our institutes are labelled as ‘world class premier institutes’. ¬†PostCredit: BrainBuxa


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