Bengali E-Library

Bengali E-library

P 313, Jyoti Tower, Ward No 18, Sector 4, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700105, Near Chingrighata Bus Stop

Bengali E-Library

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The golden past vanishes away from the rude reality of our busy life. There is not enough time to search for it. If one presents this everlasting universal golden days with decoration, nobody can deny it. The golden past that strengthens the future, emerges through library, which can be called as the intersection of past, present and future. We want to highlight the golden period of Bengali Literature, which is also the golden era of Indian culture, spanning from 1850 to 1950. The innumerable Bengalees who had to leave their motherland and spread all over are our valuable members. They want to retrieve their culture and search their roots eagerly. We want to present that forgotten immemorial past into their grasp. The outlook and characteristics of library has changed according to time and nature of thought. So, e-library was born.

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