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Bangabasi College

19, Rajkumar Chakraborty Sarani, Kolkata 700009

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Bangabasi College

Contact Person Dr. Subrata Sankar Bagchi

Phone Number (033) 2360 5995, 2350 0273



An educational institution of national importance, Bangabasi College had its genesis in the prophetic vision and spirit of sacrificial dedication of Late Acharya Girish Chandra Bose. Founded under private management in 1887, it had as its guiding inspiration the genius of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. The aim of the institution was two fold: first, to cater to the growing demand for higher education and second, to nurture the spirit of nationalism in the minds of young learners under colonial yoke. At the same time, it marked an indirect protest challenging the narrow educational policy of the Hunter Commission.

This historic institution emerged seminally from Bangabasi School, founded by Acharya Girish Chandra Bose in 1885, in a rented house in Bowbazar Street with six teachers and twelve students. Offering at the outset, the F.A. Course, this college obtained affiliation for the B.A., B.L. and M.A. courses to meet the requirements of an ever-growing institution. In 1930, the college moved into its present premises at 19, Scott Lane (now Raj Kumar Chakraborty Sarani). After that, there was a steady advance in academic pursuits with the introduction of the Honours course in various subjects. In the early 1920s, the urgent need for scientific education was met by a strong contingent of Science teachers who, together with a powerful Arts faculty, set standards of higher education which even Government-run colleges found hard to match. Soon after Independence in 1947, three new branches of the Institution were opened which, later, through the Phase Reduction Scheme of the University Grants Commission, emerged as Bangabasi Morning College, Bangabasi Evening College housed in the same building and Bangabasi College of Commerce in a separate building on 11th April, 1960. Broadening its perspectives, the college became co-educational in 1979 with Bangabasi College opening another Commerce Department. A new feather was added in 2005 through the introduction of Post Graduate studies in Zoology. The year of India's Independence coincided with the Diamond Jubilee Year of the College. The celebrations were inaugurated by Chakraborty Rajagopalachari. Keeping aloft the rich tradition of excellence and generations of humanistic education, Bangabasi College completed 100 years of its existence in 1987. The list of alumni, who attended the year-long celebration, provides impressive reading. Swami Lokeshwarananda, Senior Monk, Ramakrishna Mission; Shri Tushar Kanti Ghosh, Editor, Amrita Bazar Patrika; Dr. A.P. Mitra, Director General, CSIR; Prof. Yashpal, Chairman, UGC; Prof. P.K. Bose, former Principal and Oxford Scholar, son of the Illustrious founder Acharya Girish Chandra Bose.

The Institution has left a deep imprint in the history of the sub-continent through socio-political and cultural activities in many spheres. As a matter of fact, it was a National College during the days of alien rule - serving as an asylum for political sufferers - students and teachers. The nationalist spirit nurtured by the college was amply evident in the active participation of students and teachers in the Disobedience Movement in 1930 culminating in the supreme sacrifice of Shri Jatindra Nath Das, an undergraduate student of the college, in his epic fast unto death in Lahore jail on September 13, 1929.

Bangabasi, with its glorious tradition in teaching and scholarship, continues in its task of disseminating higher and progressive education, holding high the ideals of Pranipatena - Reverence, Pariprashnena - Search for Truth, Sevaya -Service to Humanity - the inner motive force of this Institution.


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Principal's Desk

Welcome to Bangabasi College, a premier government-aided college in West Bengal, with a rich legacy spanning more than 125 years. Built in the year of 1887, Bangabasi College started its illustrious journey under the aegis of our founder-Principal Acharya Girish Chandra Bose, following the guiding inspiration of the genius of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. The primary mission of Bangabasi College, since its inception, has been to disseminate the benefits of higher education to the students coming from all sections of population (particularly the poor and needy) and to enhance knowledge among the youth of Bengal. Many of our students and teachers were actively associated with fight against the British rule. The College was the hotbed of anti-colonial movements against British rule that occurred during that period. Our founder Acharya Girish Chandra Bose also felt the need for establishing a college with nationalistic ethos for marking its protest against the parochial education policy of the Hunter Commission during the British Raj.

Since its commencement, Bangabasi College has been proving its extraordinary standards with a unique blend of innovation and scholarship. This is exemplified by our talented and optimistic students (many of whom have later become stalwarts in different fields in India and abroad), dedicated expert teaching staff and non-teaching staff who value the finest traditions and aspirations in education. Consistently one of the top achieving colleges in Bengal, Bangabasi College has a vision for education which builds on a strong sense of our nationalistic tradition. Our college exhibits a commitment to learning, justice, individual achievement and wholeness; qualities embedded firmly in our cultural heritage. We consider it our responsibility to develop the capacity to engage with – and respond to – the world with reverence, wisdom, integrity and imagination in our students. This development is underscored in our institutional motto: Pranipatena (by reverence), pariprashnena (by questioning) and Sebaya (by service). Love, Joy and Peace—while cultivating the qualities our college community embraces: humility, understanding and tolerance. Our students feel secure and enriched once they start studying in our highly esteemed institute.


Admission Info

1. Aggregate marks means the sum of marks obtained in best scored four subjects in (+2) stage Exam as per Calcutta University norms.
Any application not satisfying the Admission criteria is liable to be cancelled.
2. University norms: 50% in Aggregate with 45% in Subject OR 55% in Subject or in related Subjects OR 50% in Aggregate
if the subject or related subject is not included in previous qualifying Exam;
3. A candidate must also take up Compulsory/Communicative English and one Modern/Major Indian Language
(Elective English/ Bengali/Hindi)
4. The Total number of declared seats is subject to approval by University of Calcutta and may vary accordingly.
5. The Candidates may also apply for B.Sc.(Hons.) in Economics with subject combinations: Political Science & mathematics as two other general subjects at undergraduate level.
6. The Candidates may also apply for B.Sc (Hons.) in Psychology with subject combinations : Anthropology & Botany
7. The candidate may also apply for B.Sc(Hons.) in Geography with subject combinations : Economics & Political Science

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